StuSta München

The Rugby Club was founded in 1999, as a starter only for men’s 15s Rugby.

From 2011 on, the Women’s team started as a joint team, but soon was able to build an isolated team the first time for the season 2012/13. Ever since, the Stusta ladies team is well known in the league of Southern Germany.

Since autumn 2012, the training program is performance-oriented for both the women’s and men’s team. An early focus and specialization in 7s  Rugby has enabled the club to achieve noteworthy results (

The following values and actions have made both teams recognizable:

  • Continuous player development
  • 7s specific training programs and plans, based on well elaborated knowledge
  • Numerable participation in tournaments (national and European wide)
  • An international team from the beginning on (Women’s team for Dubai probably 5 nations / Men’s team for Dubai probably 4 nations)


  • Numerous achievements ( in the league and during international tournaments
  • Constant presence of female players in German National Team representing Stusta
  • Both teams as a steady part of the Bavarian Rugby Selection


The next step …

The Dubai Rugby 7s 2017 (