The teams


The Stusta women team is able to look back to a great and strong development. Since 2011, the team is a steady part of the German league Division South. Due to the outstanding work of the two coaches – Nina Gras and Martin Schlemmer – it was possible for the team to increase the level of 7s Rugby on the pitch immensely during the last two years.

The ladies are highly motivated to start the new season 17/18 as dominant as they finished last season. It was possible to even register two teams for 2017/18.


For the vision Dubai 7s 2017 these girls will represent Stusta on the pitch:

Ana Masa Pereiro
Larissa Bahrenburg
Annika Altwein
Monica (Momo) Yee
Judith Hörstmann
Lisa Parmetler
Claudia Rendon Velazquez
Katharina Boie
Judith Malsch
Erica Myers
Patrizia Brucklachner
Lena Lamberty
Victoria Müller





The men’s team is active on the pitch since 2012, built out of a selection of 15s members. As the women, the male team is also coached by Nina Grad and Martin Schlemmer.

For the Dubai Rugby 7s, the following players will represent Stusta on the pitch:

Jethro Ridl
Daniel Nussbächler
Henning Lange
Lucas Malsch
Kilian Schwahn
Timon Paulus
Victor Magalhaes
Abdi Salama
Nikolaus Bachsoliani
Ian Dawson
Duarte Figueiredo















Martin Schlemmer & Nina Gras